Should I Work With A Freelance Web Developer?

When you are looking to create your first website for your business you will come across a few options. You can either design and build this website yourself using your skills or a website builder, you can work with a web development company, or you can work with a freelance website developer.

Today, we are going to discuss with you the facts of working with a freelance website developer, including the main benefits and disadvantages of this working way.

Benefits of working with a freelance web developer

There are such a wide variety of benefits when you choose to work with a freelance web developer. One of the main benefits of this being that you will be supporting a single person with their small business. So rather than your money going to a large company, you will be helping a single person with their business and supporting their family.

Another benefit of working with a freelance website developer is the experience you will get. When working with a freelancer you will be getting a one on one experience with the developer. They will want to create a good impression on your so will work tirelessly to create the dream website for you.

Disadvantages of working with a freelance web developer

One of the main disadvantages, when you choose to work with a freelance web developer, is that there will not always be the guarantee they will always be a web developer. They may take a career change, meaning your website could be left with no updates or work. You may also find that you are not given the after support like you are with a larger company.

Some freelancers will offer you support packages, but these services may be something you need to pay extra for to help support them with their time.

The Benefits Of Working With A Professional Website Designer

When you are wanting to have a website for your business, after securing a domain name, the next step is to design your dream website. Now, some people will choose to design their website themselves, whereas others will choose to have a professional do this for them. Today, we are going to share with you some of the benefits of working with a professional website designer.

They Know The Trends
When working with a professional website designer, it will be clear to see that they know what the current trends are. They will be able to design you a website that fits in with current trends. Meaning it will be bound to wow your audience and bring you, new customers.

They Have The Skills
Designing a website is challenging. Meaning one of the main benefits is that professional website designers have the skills. They know what software is best for website designing. What tools are best to be used. How to label their designs effectively for developers who are going to build them.

They Work With Developers
Most professional website designers will have a developer that they work closely on projects. Whether this is someone from the same company or a fellow freelancer. This means that if the developer simply says something is not possible, they will be able to quickly redesign this aspect into something that will work along with the coding.

They Will Save You Time
Designing a website does take a lot of time. Working with a professional developer will save you time as this is what they do for a living. Meaning you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business whilst your website is being designed and developed.

Working with a professional website designer is a more efficient way to have your website designed and developed. Yes, it will cost you more money, in the long run, to have this done professionally. But, it will save you huge amounts of time and potentially make your website more approachable and easy for customers to use.

The Benefits of Working With A Social Media Expert In Northampton

As their name would suggest, these people are social media experts! They know how to maximise the use of social media for companies or personal benefit. So, what are the main benefits of working with a social media expert in Northampton?

As previously mentioned, the main benefit is that they know how to work social media to your benefit. They understand the algorithm of each social media platform, especially the one they specialise in. Meaning they know what to do to get you seen. They know how to make your presence known and worthwhile!

Another reason why working with a local expert is ideal is because they take the stress away. Running your own social media alongside your own business can be stressful, with you never being sure when to post or what to post. A social media expert takes this stress away for a simple monthly fee. You will not regret paying for this extra help.

What To Look For In A Social Media Manager

There may become a time where you need to hire a social media manager to run your businesses social media. Now, it can be difficult to decide who to hire for your social media, so we are going to share with you our top tips.

Look For Previous Experience
One of the best things you can do is looking for someone that has previous experience. This gives you the best opportunity to grow your business. Unless you are someone who is willing to train up a new recruit in the area for lower pay.

View Their Own Social Media Accounts
If they have their own business or have any experience. You should look at the previous accounts they have run themselves. This will give you a true indication of what their social media style is.

Talk To The Openly
When looking to hire someone as your social media manager you should talk to them openly. Ask them about their experience. How they will run the social media accounts. If they have an interest in your business industry and how they will be able to gain interaction.

What To Look For When Working With A Web Development Company

Working with a web development company is easier for some businesses. Mainly those that are not as skilled in website development, and really desire and professionally created website for their business. But choosing a website development business to work with can be challenging with there being many web development companies in Northampton and the rest of the UK. So, today we are going to share with you some aspects you should look out for when choosing a website development company to work with.

Where Are They Based?
One of the first aspects you need to consider is where they are based. Some companies will require you to go and visit them for in-person meetings. Therefore, you will not want to work with a company that is too far for travel. You should have a limit in your mind that you stick to, making it easier for you to only search for website development companies within your radius.

What Services Do They Offer?
You should also consider what services they offer. Some companies will only offer you the design and development of your website. Meaning you will need to write content, blogs and SEO yourself. While other companies offer all the services under one roof. Therefore meaning you can have all your website needs supplying to you.

What Do Their Customers Say?
You should always look into and take note of reviews that have been left on their website and social media pages. This will give you a clear idea of whether or not they are a good company to work for. Reading what other people have to say gives you an insight that is different from people who are working within the company.

Their Own Website
Most importantly you should look at their own website. Their website will be some of their best work. This should give you the wow factor. If it does, go ahead with working with them. If it doesn’t keep looking and you’ll find it soon enough.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Web Development Company In Northampton

Website design and development in Northampton can be extremely daunting. With there being so many companies, freelances, and sites out there offering you the service to create your own website. Well, today we are going to discuss with you why it is best to hire a web design company in Northampton.

Firstly, web design companies have already built up their reputation and portfolio. If you want to work with somebody who already has the experience, it will be best to work with a website design company. They have built up the skills to provide you with a huge client profile.

Web design companies can also offer you a range of many different services. Most won’t just design your website for you. They will build and develop your website. They may even offer you SEO and content writing packages to help keep your website current.

Working with a website design and development company will give you some amazing opportunities. They will offer you the chance to portray your own views. Helping you to design and build the best website possible. A website that will portray your business in the most professional way.

It is likely that if you work with someone away from a web design company, they will soon disappear once the website has been built and paid for. This does not happen when working with an established company. Most will offer support plans, as well as training sessions and maintenance. Helping to keep your website current. As well as giving you the necessary training to work and update your site yourself.

Finally, website design companies across Northampton have built themselves from the ground up. It is likely they will have many clients across the nation. So speak out and gain some feedback on the company, this will help you to truly know what the company can offer you.

Is A Social Media Presence Important For Marketing?

Social media is one of the main ways which you can now advertise your business. This is why it is important for you and your business have a social media presence of some sort. When creating a social media presence it is important to consider where you will find your desired target audience. You should also consider if you can link social media together, making it easier to share the post on both platforms. For example, Facebook and Instagram can be linked, meaning you can post on both at the same time, meeting two audiences at once. With having a social media presence you mustn’t over face yourself and overpost. For a beginner, we would recommend focusing on one or two social media platforms. With you only needing to post two or three times a week. The most important aspect of having a social media presence is your consistency with your posting. Ensuring you post the same amount of times each week on the same days.

How To Advertise Your Website

There are many different ways in which you can advertise your company and your website. Today we are going to share with you some of our personal favourite forms of advertisement.

The best way in which we believe you can advertise your website is through social media. This is a super-easy way to gain a following and to attract interest to your website. You can easily add your website link to each social media post to ensure everyone knows where they can view your products or services.

You should also consider posting your website link on any form of advertisement. This is again a great way to attract interest. Whether it be on a business card, leaflet or magazine advertisement. All of these methods will attract view to your website. Helping your company to grow.

For a new business word of mouth will be your best friend. Remind people to mention that you have a website when talking about your company.

Can I Design My Website Myself?

It is entirely possible for you to design your website for your company yourself. However, you may wish to consider hiring a professional if this becomes to tricky for you. Today, I am going to discuss with you some of the advantages and disadvantages of you designing your own website.

One of the main advantages of you designing your own website is that it will allow you to make it how you want it to look. You will be able to have everything how you want it to be. Making it easier for you and your customers to understand how it works

Another advantage is that it gives you something to be proud of. When you go onto your website you will be proud of your achievement and what you have created.

However, a disadvantage is that you may not always know what works best. For example, your dream colour scheme may not work well in a website context. It may make your website more difficult to follow.

Choosing A Colour Theme For Your Website

Once you have decided that it is time to create a website for your business, one of the first aspects you will need to consider is the colour theme. In this article I am going to help you to decide on your colour theme.

One of the first things you will need to think about is your current business. Do you already have a logo? If you do, then your colour theme should follow this logo. You do not want to make changes to your logo so following this is your best idea.

If you do not have a logo, you can decide on the colour theme you want. However, you will need to think about how you want your business to be portrayed. If you want it to feel expensive and royal, then use lots of blacks and golds. For a more relaxed website I would use whites and blues.