The Benefits of Working With A Social Media Expert In Northampton

As their name would suggest, these people are social media experts! They know how to maximise the use of social media for companies or personal benefit. So, what are the main benefits of working with a social media expert in Northampton?

As previously mentioned, the main benefit is that they know how to work social media to your benefit. They understand the algorithm of each social media platform, especially the one they specialise in. Meaning they know what to do to get you seen. They know how to make your presence known and worthwhile!

Another reason why working with a local expert is ideal is because they take the stress away. Running your own social media alongside your own business can be stressful, with you never being sure when to post or what to post. A social media expert takes this stress away for a simple monthly fee. You will not regret paying for this extra help.

What To Look For In A Social Media Manager

There may become a time where you need to hire a social media manager to run your businesses social media. Now, it can be difficult to decide who to hire for your social media, so we are going to share with you our top tips.

Look For Previous Experience
One of the best things you can do is looking for someone that has previous experience. This gives you the best opportunity to grow your business. Unless you are someone who is willing to train up a new recruit in the area for lower pay.

View Their Own Social Media Accounts
If they have their own business or have any experience. You should look at the previous accounts they have run themselves. This will give you a true indication of what their social media style is.

Talk To The Openly
When looking to hire someone as your social media manager you should talk to them openly. Ask them about their experience. How they will run the social media accounts. If they have an interest in your business industry and how they will be able to gain interaction.

Is A Social Media Presence Important For Marketing?

Social media is one of the main ways which you can now advertise your business. This is why it is important for you and your business have a social media presence of some sort. When creating a social media presence it is important to consider where you will find your desired target audience. You should also consider if you can link social media together, making it easier to share the post on both platforms. For example, Facebook and Instagram can be linked, meaning you can post on both at the same time, meeting two audiences at once. With having a social media presence you mustn’t over face yourself and overpost. For a beginner, we would recommend focusing on one or two social media platforms. With you only needing to post two or three times a week. The most important aspect of having a social media presence is your consistency with your posting. Ensuring you post the same amount of times each week on the same days.