Different Types Of Web Marketing

Let’s start off with the basic, what is web marketing? Well web marketing is a term which is used to describe any form of marketing conducted online.

So what are the different types of web marketing?

1- Social Media Marketing
This is creating posts on social media and using social media to advertise your company. This is one of the most successful as most people use social media nowadays.

2- Content Marketing
This is creating your own following to advertise your company. For example, creating youtube videos to show what you do. Instagram stories to answer any questions. Also, webinars and blog posts are a way of content marketing.

3- Influencer Marketing
This is the process of using mainstream celebrities who are well known to advertise your brand. For example, YouTubers are popular to advertise companies to younger audiences. Most micro-influencers, people who are not as well known, perform better, gaining you more customers than big celebrities.