Would my business benefit from a Website?

Having a website for your business is a great way to advertise your business.  You could design and build a website yourself, however to get the most from your website it is recommended to use a specialised website builder or a website management company.

What is a website builder?
Website Builders are an online tool that allows you to design your website without you having to use manual coding.  These type are websites are normally used for blogs or simple advertising websites, however some websites builders do provide on line shops, suitable for companies with small amount of products.

Website Management Companies, Are they worth the money?
Website Management Companies will design and manage your website.  As you are paying for a service you will get web hosting, web design support and management along with technical support, data backup, SEO (search engine optimisation).  Your website will be maintained and updated and may even assist with the production of apps to run alongside your website for optimal sales.